Friday, August 5, 2011

Up-dates: The Season is Here

Okay, I have been slacking! I have yet to catch up from last season or even post up-dates from this season. I have already bear hunted in Idaho, scouted desert sheep in southern Nevada, and accompanied a friend on his northern Nevada antelope hunt. I am currently gearing up for the rest of the season!
I will be headed out this weekend for my Mule deer hunt followed by Dall Sheep in Alaska in a little over a week. After that it is antelope, elk, and deer in Montana, deer and bear in Idaho, and deer in Arizona. Not to mention three months of guiding which I am really excited for!!!

The postings may be sparse but I plan to put in an effort to catch up- sometime! If you subscribe by email you will get the new posst without missing a beat!

I am sure you are all out hunting now or gearing up anyways!

If you have a story or photo start posting them as comments or email them to me to post on the Blog. I would love to have other hunters share in their success!

Good Luck


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