Friday, July 15, 2011

Solo Hunters

Solo Hunters Television

I am happy to announce that many of my hunts will be airing on Solo Hunters on the Sportsman’s Channel. I am really excited about this and would love if everyone checked it out and sent me their feed back. I believe it is a really high quality show that does a great job of portraying the true nature of the hunt.

Some hunts to look forward to on Solo Hunters this season include my 218 inch Montana Archery buck, my 380 velvet bull, my brothers B&C desert sheep, an archery antelope hunt, my 180 inch Montana rifle mule deer, my Wyoming Archery whitetail and much more.

The show airs Sundays 11:00 pm EST, Thursday 8:30 am EST, and Friday 10:00 am EST on the Sportsman’s Channel.

Check out the website at

I will be posting previews and updates here for the show.

Going in to the 2011 hunting season I will be filming my hunts for the third season of Solo Hunters. Up-dates on the hunts with exclusive sneak peaks of the video will be posted here at Follow the Hunt.

I hope you all enjoy the show I know this will be a great season and it will only get better.


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