Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wac'em Broadheads- Gear Review

As far as I am concerned the Wac'em Triton broadheads are the best broadheads on the market today. There are a lot of broadhead companies that have tried to emulate what Wac’em has had figured out for years. They make a strong, dependable, hard hitting, razor sharp replaceable blade broadhead that flies just like a field tip.

I have had nothing but positive results both in the field and at the range while using the Wac’em Triton.

At the Range: During the off-season I like to practice with both field tips and broadheads. From my bow there is absolutely no adjustment between the two. The Tritons shoot the same as my field tips even at ranges out to 80 yards. Of course your bow needs to be properly tuned but the broadhead is more than capable of flying consistently. It is extremely nice not to have to worry about adjusting your sight to switch between broadheads and field tips.

In the Field: Field tip accuracy plays a big role in my success in the field. When I let an arrow loose I like to have confidence that it is going to hit where I was aiming. The solid cut-on-impact tip makes the broadhead hit hard and keep doing its job whether you hit bone or not. I have had the arrow make a complete pass through even after hitting both bones in the front shoulder. Good penetration on a marginal shot can be the difference between a quick recovery and possibly not finding the animal.

Porduct Specifications:
•1 1/32" Cut Diameter
•.027" Replaceable Blades
•100% Hardened Stainless Steel
•Cut on Impact Head Sharpens on Any Flat Stone
•Available in 80, 100, and 125 grain

Overall: I give the Wac'em Triton 100 grain broadheads a 5 out of 5 for their accuracy and durability in the field.


  1. This review is exactly as I have found the Wac 'Ems to perform. They hit the same point of impact as my field tips, dead quiet in flight, bone-busting ferrule strength and razor sharp blades. Simply, everything you can ask of a broadhead. Period.

  2. Broadheads are very effective, but you need to have the best brands. To be honest, I have never come across the Wac’em Triton broadheads. They sound to be remarkable on the field. Thanks for the review. I also found more info on broadheads here:

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