Monday, July 26, 2010

Spot Hogg Sight

My clients and many of the people who follow my articles often ask what gear I use. As I start to prepare for yet another season, archery practice becomes more frequent and last minute preparations take place. Hunting as much as I do and often in rough conditions, I need gear that can be put through the ringer and remain reliable.

One of my favorite pieces of gear is my Spot Hogg sight. I shoot their seven pin sight because I like being able to practice at extended ranges.

If their is any question as to which sight is the top dog just look at all the sights in the archery section of your sporting goods store. It is funny how today almost all of them look just like the sight Spot Hogg came out with years ago. They say mimicry is the truest form of flattery which is definitely the case here. I have been shooting this "new style sight" for five years now. The large circular opening makes it easy to acquire your target, the small pins make for extreme precision, the micro-adjustment feature allows you to drive tacks- and the seven pins allow you to target shoot with precision out to greater distances than a standard bow sight.

As for durability the sights' all metal construction make it nearly indestructible. All of Spot Hogg's new sights also come with a fiber optic wrap which allows the pins a greater light gathering ability. If you have an older model Spot Hogg sight the fiber optic wrap can be purchased and put on your older sight.

Over all this product deserves Five out of five stars for being the best multiple pin bow sight on the market today.

- Remi Warren

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