Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Replacing an Energy Bar with Cookies in the Backcountry| Gear Review:Cookie Boy- Super Cookies

Many athletes are familiar with energy bars, and many backcountry hunters follow the philosophy of carrying light-weight, high-protein, high-energy food and snacks on their endeavors. Burning up energy in the backcountry without a way to replenish your body is the quickest way to tire-out and get mentally beat. When every day counts and every ounce of energy may be the difference between bagging a monster buck two canyons away or burning out and taking it easy, it is important to fuel your body with well balanced foods to keep on trucking.

I, like most people, really enjoy eating cookies. It is only natural. When I heard of a cookie on the market that could replace an energy bar I got really excited. When I actually tasted it for the first time I was hooked for life. If I never have to choke down a gritty energy bar again, I will be happy.

The Cookie Boy cookies are soft, delicious, and packed with protein and energy. They are all-natural, contain no preservatives and contain a balance of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential healthy fats that your body needs to perform. The cookie provides you with sustained energy and balances your blood sugar levels, not to mention provides the essential fuel needed to feed working muscles.

The best part about the Super Cookie is the taste. I really enjoy eating them, plus they are extremely filling. When I am out hunting, I like to eat something and not still feel hungry afterwards. The cookie is one of the best all-around energy foods I have found as far as taste, filling, and packed with essential energy.

This past hunting season I took the Super Cookies on every hunt. On my Backcountry hunt in Nevada, my brother Jason and I hiked to the summit to set up camp for the night. We were completely exhausted and too tired to even think of cooking a Mountain House® meal. We busted out some super cookies and actually felt good about eating a cookie for dinner.

I like the cookies on backcountry hunts (or any hunt) because they are more filling than granola bars or energy bars and they make a great snack or lunch substitute between meals. They help keep your energy up all day and the best part is they actually taste amazing. I have tried every flavor and have not found a bad one in the mix; however, toffee and chocolate-chip are hard to beat. They are priced great at $2.50 for a large cookie, which is huge!

For more information visit www.cookieboy.biz if you would like to
purchase some cookies go to http://www.cookieboy.biz/order/agora.cgi?product=supercookies


  1. Been using them for years on my backcountry hunts. When considering calories per ounce of weight there is not a better energy snack out there. Factor in taste and it becomes an essential part of a wise nutrition plan