Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glacier Glove Gear Review

Hunting day-in and day-out I run into just about every type of weather condition possible, and good gear can make or break the experience you have for the day. Keeping your hands warm is important not only as a factor of your comfort level but can affect your performance as well.

Last year I did a simple study to see how cold hands affected my shooting. I shot groups of arrows on a cold day with warm hands then shot with cold hands. The colder my hands were the larger my groups got.

While duck hunting late season there have been days when my hands got so cold and wet it was impossible to reload my shotgun. I have missed out on some great shooting because I didn’t have a waterproof glove.

For big game hunting I like gloves that are comfortable while I am being active yet warm when I am stationary glassing, calling, ect. For waterfowl hunting, waterproof combined with warmth is important. When wearing hunting gloves I like some sense of dexterity. I like the glove to be thin enough that I can perform tasks like shooting and reloading, without having to take the gloves off.

This last season I found some gloves that I put to the test. In nearly every hunt condition imaginable, they performed. The company is called Glacier Glove. They are best known for their top quality Neoprene gloves but they make gloves for pretty much any activity- from fishing and hunting, to climbing Everest- no joke.

For big game/ upland bird hunting, I used their 722RT High Performance Fleece Glove. For waterfowl hunting/ cold weather fishing, I used their 817RT Waterproof Neoprene Hunting Glove.

722RT High Performance Fleece

GloveSpecs: This glove is made of wind resistant fleece and features a textured silicon palm for added dexterity and grip. The cuff of the glove is made of neoprene which give it a great fit while maiking it comfortable and warm.

Put to the Test: I hunted close ninety days straight with these gloves and never had any problems. They are durable, comfortable and perform well. They don’t get too hot to wear while hiking but still keep you warm when you stop, which is probably why I liked them so much. They are light weight and don’t take up a lot of space. They fit well and are thin enough to shoot either a gun or bow as well as use your hand for most tasks without having to take them off.

Price: $29.99

817RT Waterproof Neoprene Hunting Glove

Specs: These gloves are made of waterproof 2mm neoprene and have a fleece lining for added comfort. The hands also use Touchrite techonology which aids in their dexterity.

Put to the Test: Cold days on the water proved that these gloves were top notch. I used them while duck hunting the river in sub zero temperatures. I had no problem hunting all day as well as picking up birds and placing decoys. They are comfortable and warm, and their fleece lining really makes you forget they are neoprene. They have a great feel and are easy to shoot and reload with. Because they are waterproof they also make great fishing gloves.

Price: $34.99

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